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Latisse or Extensions?



Before Eyelash Extensions


After Eyelash Extensions

      After hearing this question so many times from my clients I decided to write about it.

      “What is better Latisse or Eyelash Extensions?”

      Both, the bimatoprost ophthalmic solutions (like Latisse) and Eyelash Extensions have pros and cons.  Personally I have never tried Latisse so I am writing from my clients perspectives. Some of them came to me with a  browner upper lid which they didn’t like, but others said that they were using the product at night and after a few months some follicles started to grow up under the eyes. I believe that the hair was growing due to too much solution applied and it spread around the eye area. One of my clients had to wax the unnecessary hair under the eyes.

      Eyelash Extensions need a constant maintenance. Depending on the case to case they are touched up every month or so. The thing with the extensions is that you can have them how ever you wish: longer and fuller, shorter and fuller, naturally or having just your corners touched for a cat-eye look.  With Latisse you don’t know how long and thicker your eyelashes will get, and once they reach their fullest growth that’s what you get. You don’t have much control over it. Just like the eyelash touch-up, Latisse requires constant use of the product. If you stop, the growth stops as well.

      So either you are using extensions or ophthalmic solutions you have to constantly keep an eye on it. I guess, it all comes to what your preferences are.

      Soon, you will find out all about makeup and eyelash extensions from my perspective on